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"I had a teacher who was a drama major at my school. He said that LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) was like boot camp, where 3,000 people applied for each place and you were beaten for three years. This appealed because it was a new challenge. It was also a way to irritate my parents. It was a way to be different, but I soon fell in love. It's a myth that acting is full of primadonnas. But in my experience, there are no more scumbags than any other profession. "You always know that it can be taken from you, and with that in your mind, it's difficult to get carried away."

The Life You Want

Irvine believes that there is a big gap between the way people view celebrities and what they are actually like. He cites Bonham Carter as an example, with whom he collaborated on Mike Newell’s 2012 version Great Expectations. He says that he worked with established actors for the first time. Helena arrived at the first rehearsal with pages of notes,Breitling Bentley Replica ideas and thoughts about her character. The fact that they were just as nervous and eager to succeed as me made me realize that we all share the same passion for our work. "I think that sometimes outside the industry, people believe that screen fame is similar to winning The X Factor. But in reality, most people have achieved their success because they worked harder and sacrificed more than anyone else."

Irvine is of the opinion that working actors are generally grateful for their good fortune. He, himself, has embraced the opportunities that his career has given him, such as learning to ride, shoot and rock climb. "I learned to ride very well on War Horse. "I went to the gym the other day and couldn't get up the stairs afterwards," he laughed.

"Sometimes, you need to remind yourself of how fortunate you are. The hours can be long and I hear young actors complain about them. But I remember working in the Co-op, and I was not treated the same as I am on my promo tour. Around two years ago I shot five films back-to-back. After a year of not going home, I started to lose the love for my family.Patek Philippe Replica After a while, I became jaded. I missed my family. But after six months of not working, I was begging to go home. You need to be reminded every now and then that many people would give their lives for the opportunity to be in your shoes.

Irvine recalls that he did up to 100 interviews per day during the War Horse promo tour, which contributed to his "jaded" attitude. However, when it was time to follow up on his first major role, the cynicism turned into healthy fear. He was afraid that people might think he had not done the necessary work, so he chose movies that were gritty and showed a greater range of characters.