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Irvine says that the night he received his Trophee-Chopard award in 2013 will be one he never forgets. The award was presented by Colin Firth who Irvine would soon work with on The Railway Man. Firth was also to become a mentor for the young actor. Irvine admits to having met Colin Firth once before. "Colin and me share a publicity and agent," he says with a guilty smile. "My agent Jess asked me if I would like to meet Colin Firth at his birthday party. I said yes, but I did not know him. She told me: "Come along, it'll be fantastic."

"I walked up to his home, knocked and Colin answered the door with a confused expression. "Hi, Jess, Jess had invited me." He replied: "OK, well, I'll make another place at the table." There were six of us there - Colin's family and two of his friends. I was so uncomfortable, but I believe he was playing a joke on me.swiss replica watches He was casting The Railway Man, and that night called the director to say I could be a good fit for the part."

Carry the Cannes

Irvine will never forget the night of his award at Cannes. He says, "It was an enormous deal." "Instead of flying down, we took a roadtrip. I had all my friends sleep in my hotel room. I was invited to a party with Blanca Suarez, the Spanish actress who won Irvine's award. We were wearing expensive Chopard jewellery and watches that we had borrowed. Cara Delevingne, myself and Blanca Suarez decided to take a boat trip and security grabbed our jewels. I thought that was an indication that we weren't to be trusted, and also a sign of how good the party was.

"I went back last year to celebrate the 15th anniversary. The film industry's dream, it is the epitome of glamour. Colin Firth told me to enjoy myself and not to get tired of the red carpet. It's not just the British tendency to cynicism.Replica Rolex GMT-Master II There are incredible highs when you fly first class and meet your heroes around the globe. It's a waste if you don't enjoy it. "This life is only going to last a few short years, so I want to make it a great one. I take my friends or my mother, and treat it as a party."

Irvine has a thoughtful answer to the question of what's next: "I played a small role in Jack Whitehall’s The Bad Education Movie, and I would love to do more comedy." I like historical stuff too - I was able to visit the Death Railway with The Railway Man and clear a section. I enjoy the research and playing real people, but there is also a lot of responsibility. This was a feeling I felt with Billionaire Boys Club, because we were portraying real people who are still alive and showing them as they are.