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Irvine says that a war film is like a holiday for the big boys. You have to form relationships quickly, because you work so closely together. When you meet someone new, whether it's an actor or actress, you will have to do something embarrassing or silly. I met Tom Hiddleston, and in a few days I had to act out the scene where Tom took my horse.Breitling Avenger Replica To be able to maintain that emotional peak and that vulnerability for the whole day I had to weep in front of Tom. It's part of your job to form these bonds from the start because you need to trust someone completely."

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Movies and Method

Does this make Irvine a "method actor"? He laughs and says, "I don't know what that means. I have heard it said about me. The weight loss was due to my role in The Railway Man, where I played a prisoner-of-war working on the Burma - Siam railway. Everyone has their own way of doing it. I find it absurd to stay in character for an entire First World War film. What happens when you receive a call from your mother? What happens when your mum calls you? This is just absurd.

"Of Course you remain in character when necessary. Drama school taught me to cry. If it's fake, people will know. So it must be real at that moment. It's important that people believe it. "I'm a big animal lover,Zenith Replica Watches but I have never had my horse taken away from me. I thought that the horse would be like Albert's younger brother. How would I feel then if someone took one of my brothers?"

What if the situation is so out of reach that you can't relate? "When we were waterboarding in The Railway Man, we had to actually do it. All the ways we tried to fake it didn't work, so we just had to do it. It was only done in short bursts, and I was able to stop whenever I wanted. So it wasn't comparable to real torture. But it was close. I know actors who are able to learn their lines and then deliver a great performance just by putting on the character. Harrison Ford is one of them. Everyone is different. "Maybe I'm not good enough for that."

Irvine's comments about not being good-enough are overly modest. He has a long list of co-stars and films to his name, including Michael Douglas, Kevin Spacey and Ralph Fiennes. What made this quiet guy from rural Cambridgeshire become an actor? He says, "I was looking for a way to rebel." "I attended a laddish school and originally wanted to join the military. I was turned down because I have diabetes. They found out quickly that I was lying.